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Love ALL Project – Let Love Rule!

I joined the “Love ALL Project” in early February, when the project began.
The Love ALL Project was founded as a response to a hateful act.

From Love ALL Project founder, Sharon Baanante:

“On February 6, 2017, white supremacist fliers were circulated throughout Norwalk, CT and a few surrounding towns in Connecticut. Covered in plastic sheets and filled with small pebbles to weigh them down, these were left in driveways and mailboxes. The fliers stated ‘We must secure the existence of our race and future for white children. Make America White Again’.”

“Just two days after reading about the hate fliers, I started a community movement in Norwalk called ‘Love ALL Project.’ Love ALL Project is a non-partisan volunteer organization whose mission is to support diversity and unite our community by fostering understanding and relationships between different cultures through inspiring sustainable collaborations.”

“Love ALL Project will provide ways for our community to link arms and work together to better support and understand one another. With the right resources and support, we can spread the love by sharing our community model with other towns and cities.”

I was immediately drawn to this project, and RSVP’d for the first meeting. I had been craving the goodness of something like this. I really didn’t know what I would do, but I was super eager to help. At the first meeting, Sharon outlined the needs and goals for Love ALL Project. One of the immediate needs was… a logo(!). Well, that was something I COULD do! So I jumped right in began my design process.

Regarding the name, I thought the word “Project” was equally as important as “Love ALL”.  “Project” means “Progress” — Every small action can make a difference. Through my sketching & incubating, the idea of origami came into play. With just a square piece of paper — anyone, anywhere could make a paper heart to show their support. I envisioned people of all ages, congregating around tables, making hearts in support of the movement.

The logo shape mimicks a completed orgami heart. The squared edges also give it a badge-like appearance. When the heart is used in a repeat pattern — it represents strength in numbers.

The typography is confident and clean, and works with the shape of the heart. The color palette is made up red (awareness) and warm browns/beiges which represent the beautiful skin tones that make up our community. The stripes combined with heart shape provide versatility for many brand applications.

Its been about 5 months since the project started and the Love ALL Project is growing… Meetings have been held to brainstorm on event topics — Car magnets were produced and distributed.  In April, we hosted a booth at the “Growing Unity” event in Pikney Park. Local Mosques and churches are getting involved. Money is being raised to help fund this project. We are getting ready to distribute “business kits” to local Norwalk business to help promote/support this movement. We are going to develop a program for schools. We co-hosted a family event at the Norwalk Public Library on June 20th. Progress is happening.

My best work is done for companies and causes that inspire me. It feels good to be involved in this community effort. It’s been fun, productive and I’ve made some new friends along the way.

Let love rule!
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Select photos courtesy of Lauren Henry Photography (Thank you!)











Evolution of a Chocolate Winter Forest

For the past few years I have been art directing and styling the photographs for my client, John & Kira’s. We have a yearly photoshoot with the tremendously talented photographer, John Uher. Below  illustrates the evolution of the winter forest photograph used in the J&K holiday catalog.

Top photo: Ingredients gathered, many from Terrain in Westport, CT
Middle photo: On set at the studio of John Uher, photographer
Bottom photo: Final Shot




Basement Finds


I accidentally caused a smallish (harmless) flood in our basement last week. While mopping up, I noticed a handful of little packaging treasures on the shelf. Old items left behind by the different generations that have inhabited our house since it was built in 1940. Simple type + graphics + illustration. Pre-computer, pre-photoshop. Stuff like this makes me happy.

Toot-Toot-Tooting my own Horn

johnandkiras_aiga_02As I dip my toes into the deep sea of blogging, I might as well take this opportunity for some shameless self-promotion. : )

I am so extremely HAPPY to announce that my humble Studio AG was awarded in the 365: AIGA Annual Design Exhibition 30. There were over 3800 entries, and 182 examples of design *excellence* were chosen.

This charming John & Kira’s box system was created to reflect the extreme amount of tender care and absolute deliciousness that go into each and every handcrafted J&K chocolate. The letter pressed labels are printed with Mad Maude Press, and the boxes are being manufactured with Simkins Box Corp. in Philadelphia.

The packaging will forever be preserved in the AIGA archives at the Denver Art Museum in Colorado.