Love ALL Project

“Love ALL Project is a non-partisan organization whose mission is to support diversity and unite our community by fostering understanding and relationships between different cultures through inspiring sustainable collaborations.”

“Love ALL Project will provide ways for our community to link arms and work together to better understand one another.”
– Sharon R. Baanante, Founder

I have been working with Love ALL Project since it’s beginning (February of 2017. I developed the brand identity and continue working with them as a strategic design partner in this great mission to LOVE ALL!

To learn more about this project and strategy behind the brand development, please read my blog post from June 20th.
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Services Carried Out

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Social Media Design
  • Printed Collateral
  • Event Graphics

“Studio AG is an incredible design firm. Their work is thoughtful, creative and timely. We feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with them. Thanks for all that you do!”

—Sharon Banaante, Love All Project