Mithaier reimagines traditional mithai and brings it into modern day.

“Going to Indian weddings and events, I noticed that there was always a clear separation between Indian sweets and American Desserts at each event.”

“Why not bring the best of both worlds together?

And from that tiny seed, Mithaier was born.”
-Sandhya Pathak, founder

I worked with Sandhya, founder or Mithaier on the brand development and packaging for Mithaier which launched in July of 2017. The brand focus is modern, with a subtle nod to it’s Indian roots — Contemporary, positive and uplifting.
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Services Carried Out

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Standards
  • Business Cards
  • Packaging Design
  • Wedding Customization

“As someone who's worked with several designers and found that many push their own agenda to grow their portfolios, Amy's desire to truly understand her Client's needs & challenges is a breath of fresh air. She works to strategically tackle the design challenge at hand and is a true partner throughout the entire design process. Amy is professional, thorough, and doesn't miss a detail.”

“For Mithaier, Amy's ability to strike the right balance between Indian & American design elements for our branding & packaging was amazing. She helped me turn my vision into a reality!”

—Sandhya Pathak, Mithaier