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Beautiful day for new beginnings


I am feeling inspired on this 2016 Election Day by Hillary Clinton, and the notion of the USA electing its first female President.

To celebrate the spirit of new beginnings, I am kicking off my 100 day project (created by the incredible Elle Luna) today! I will create one collage per day for the next 100 days. This is something I’ve been wanted to do for awhile, and I think today is a most excellent day to begin. Follow along with me on instagram if you’d like! 01/100

Seasons by Blex Bolex

As soon as I picked up this book, I dove right in and began to swim through it’s pages. Each spread is thoughtful, unique and graphically stunning. At $19.95, it makes a wonderful gift for kids and adults. Illustrated by French artist, Blex Bolex, and published by Enchanted Lion Books.
blex_cvr blex_summer blex_wind_delight

And HOW!

martha_stewart_how_award_01I just found out that one of my card designs from the Martha Stewart / Crane and Company holiday collection has been recognized in the 2009 HOW international design annual. A very nice and welcomed surprise!

Je l’adore

From one of my MOST favorite specimens of typography (ever); an antique French printed road map. I melt every time I look at this thing of beauty. These scans are from a promotional insert within the map folder. I will include images of the map in a future posting. Slurp it up, typography lovers.

Basement Finds


I accidentally caused a smallish (harmless) flood in our basement last week. While mopping up, I noticed a handful of little packaging treasures on the shelf. Old items left behind by the different generations that have inhabited our house since it was built in 1940. Simple type + graphics + illustration. Pre-computer, pre-photoshop. Stuff like this makes me happy.